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My door speakers cut out at 50% volume, but bass keeps pounding. This jas been happening eversince i installed skar coax and components up front. Im using a skar 400.4 on doors and 1500.1 on sub. Ive since upgraded main wiring to 0ga ofc. Still happening. Both amps have seperate grounds and proyection light does not come on. Amp stays on but if o reduce volume sound starts again. Voltage stays in 14 range. I also upgraded radio to new kenwood media center with carplay. And still the same thing. Please help me figure this out before i just swicth to different speakers.speakers r only rated at 60 rms in front and rear r 80rms. But ive turn gains down to almost nothing and it still does it. Please help
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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