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Recone sw6 or try Esotar 650, GB60 or HAT L6E

Greetings! Looking for some inputs/advice here. I got a set Morel sw6, one broke recently due to a bad rca out from my HU.

I have no idea og its possible to recone it or not, maybe anyone here knows?
Before this happening i was thinking of trying something new like esotar 650, GB60, scans illuminator, or HAT legatia L6E (leaning towards the first two).

The reason beeing that i find the sw6 to be a little too laidback and almost a little muddy pluss sine lack of "lunch" from the deep "man vocals" (crossing mids around 3 - 4k with 6 - 12 db slope and tweeter 3.15k/18db). Running active.

HU - Pioneer dex p99rs2
JL Audio 300/4v2
JL Audio 1000/1v2
Morel sw6 (1 blown)
Seas lotus RT27F
1 Morel ultimo 12"

Looking for stage width, upper-end details and "crispiness". Planing to going from 2way to 3way in the future and switch out the 300/4 to something more powerful and sq oriented like arc, mcintosh, linearpower or audison (voce 5.1K) and add Esotar 430, GB25 or HAT L3SE.
Can also mention that i have heard Focal Utopia BE no.7 in some setups and found them to be very bright and think it got quite a too much off "in your face" factor, maybe tuning, amp matching and HU plays a role here but i think this speakers and Focal brand is like Iphone/iOS vs android phones, you either love or hate them.
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