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Wiring BIG CAR AUDIO System w/ Multiple Batteries & Installing Sundown SUBWOOFER Amplifier Alternator | HOW TO be a KICK ass Dude!

Part 1 here:

This seems like a good a good place to put this as its been 3 months since this video came out. And a little over 2 years to make the airwaves.

Part 2 Bellow.


Now, I want you to watch something. This is not a Planned setup. This is this mans REAL world repose., Watch the Prank. And that should set into motion what I mean.

If you saw Part 2.5 really, you might have caught the end of the video. And as you know, Mike lost his leg. Its things like this that make you wonder a little bit about plans in your life.

I Genuinely do not remember seeing this video on his channel in 2018. But looking back? I really like the feel of it all. It just seems so Easy. Fluid. And just kind of fun to watch some guys do their thing. Almost like it was a Happier time and place.

I just wanted to say, that sometimes, things hit you hard. But you should not let them bring you down. No matter what it is. OR WHO... Just Keep swimming.

All I am saying, is that you don't need to wait for the Holidays to say hello.
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