miniDSP DDRC-22D used in excellent condition. No scratches on front top or sides of unit. A couple blemishes on bottom of unit. Near perfect condition. Comes with factory 5V power supply and USB stick with DDRC software on it. Also included is a brand new UMIK-1. Everything you need to get up and running. Install DDRC software from flash drive. Downlloadd Dirac Live 3.0 software directly from Dirac (free and painless). No registration needed and no issues. Device gets recognize by Dirac 3.0 and runs perfectly. This device is perfect to put upstream of a Helix, PS8 or other processor in a digital signal chain to add Dirac Live functionality.

Price is $575 shipped. Paypal fees included. Current pricing from minidsp is $840 shipped. These things never go on sale from miniDSP either.
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