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Am I putting to much faith in Humanity?

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Ask yourself when was the last time your car broken into and the alarm did not go off?
How about the fire suppression system at an Auto zone?

I know we got some Military brothers in here. What do you Notice about the fires here?

What do you hear and noitce in this video?

And take a look at this video? What do you see WRONG HERE?

I'm telling you. This was set up from the start. The fact that there was a Bank robbery? With armed gaurds and police having to be within less then 2 min of the banks?
Yea... Not buying that.

Worse still? MEDIA outlets said they were LOOTING the AUTOZONE
Yea.... I buy that. So.. No alarms. No sprinkler systems. In a MALL parking area and ZERO SECURITY?

I'm calling straight up BS. RIGHT NOW.




Does it all not look fishy? I'm not saying that there are not people doing stuff. But the folks. Call me racist. Call me whatever.


Also? Did ALL the fire alarms not work today? Are all the fire suppression system NOT WORKING? Why don't we hear more Sirens? Alarms? Etc?

And look at the footage. SOMETHING IS WRONG WITH IT. What Black people like to be filmed doing a crime? YEA... And look at the Cam work. This shit is staged. Pure and simple. And others just followed suit. Like Porn starts working strip clubs for women. They just fell in line.

Minneapolis has one of the largest police forces and you know what almost all of them were actually on duty right now but for some reason all this stuff just happened?

in about the fire department's? Folks no one's going to go and attack a fireman. so are they being told not to go put out these fires?

Everyone seems to be falling for the damn bait. look I know a lot of you are probably a little bit smarter than me. Maybe I have way too much faith in humanity? But take a look at these videos, I guarantee you there's something wrong with them if you take a look and especially if you listen!

just like in San Francisco where they went ahead and set that construction site on fire, I want you to really try to take this in if you've ever been to a construction site. are you telling me a bunch of just random black people just decided to go ahead and set some s*** on fire and just happen to have a whole shitload of gasoline just laying around someplace enough to go and golf a whole damn building?

oh and they decide to stop by the fire Closet open that up by force and then turn off the water?

I don't know if anybody knows this but anyone construction knows that if you turn that off the fire department immediately gets to the scene because there's a problem with the fires in fact it's put in code that those Fire Systems have to be monitored.

even more alarming here is that even if these places were set on fire, almost every building has Security in Minneapolis. Are you telling me that the security guys just simply ignored the fire?

now the part about the woman in the wheelchair. Take a good look at that video and who do you see in that video in fact? so a woman is just walking around with a random jug of orange juice? or whatever orange liquid is that container? these are straight out of the guerrilla warfare tactics especially if you've ever read the antifa handbook.

like it or not and as much as I really hate to admit this. The city knew exactly what was going on and they decided to go ahead and turn a blind eye and even encourage it. And now they want the National Guard to make this a national event.

if you take a look at the post on 4chan LiveLeak and other places, you will see videos from actual by standards and they completely tell a different story. let me ask you when was the last time you saw a bunch of white women go and helping out a bunch of black women committing a crime? and then on top of that they're not assisting anything with their filming right?

okay let's play 20 Questions here really quick or Jeopardy. What happens when you catch a person committing a crime in there being Phil and you happen to be white and you happen to have racial disorder?

someone is going to get their ass beat right?

like I said none of this adds up and if you take a look at the footage you'll see it as well. am I crazy I'll let you guys decide because honestly you know what I absolutely value your foresight. what is a person who work on construction sites and put up these buildings and actually saw what goes in to getting them prepared even if they're just being built, what are the first things that go up and get certified is the fire suppression system before anything else goes down in the building..

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The world is a stage! Problem, reaction, solution! Fear equals control! Divide and conquer!
I’ve got more,lol. If it’s on tv it’s there for a reason. Btw, thanks for using your brain, it’s rare today.
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