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I've had this Adire Tempest 15 in a 4.5 cube ported box (25hz tuning) for years now. I love the output, clean, loud enough, good low end extension, flat response. But the box is HUGE and it's taken over enough trunk space, so I want to move to something that has a bit smaller box requirements.

I'm looking for anything that gives similar output (I don't need to be rattling fillings) but importantly, I want relatively flat response, good low end extension. I was thinking somewhere in the range of 2 12s, or maybe 1 12, if it will give decent output.

I have a 2008 accord coupe, and am thinking about making some fiberglass boxes and mount them in the corners behind the tail lights. I've seen some premade fiberglass boxes go for over $300 just for the box, and their internal volume was 1.2 cubes each, but they could have made them much bigger if they went all the way to the wheel wells. I think 2 JL 12W6s would do nicely, with a 1500 watt amp, but I fear it will be major overkill for the kind of output I want. Then I got to thinking that a single 13W7 would work. I currently have a 500 watt 4 ohm amp available, but I'm open to getting a more modern class D amp if I have to. I'd like to keep the whole subwoofer part of the budget under $500, but $800 would be the max.

The rest of the system will most likely be factory radio (with one of those add on nav units, the F-81ACRD) and processor will be an Alpine PXA-H700/701. Going to put 2 Peerless SLS 6.5" midbass in the factory door locations, and 2 FR89EX in the pillars, and unsure about the tweeters, maybe just something simple in the factory sail panel pods, or alongside the mids in the pillars.

Any advice would be most appreciated.
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