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Morel CAM 558

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I decided to ditch the pro audio stuff. The mids are just nasty. So I am going to use this mid, Anarchy for midbass (aperiodic in the doors)

The dome has an fs in the 300s. I have heard people running them down at 500hz at 24db/oct and the impedance graph seems to agree with this. Anyone have experience with this mid and crossing it this low without issues at higher power? It's supposed to be the same mid as the mdm 55.

The anarchy doesn't get nasty until past 1000 but I saw some harmonics that start to get messy around 700ish, so I am thinking I want to cross somewhere between 500-700 or so, the lower the better without sacrificing power handling. I am still a noob at understanding the graphs so if this is dumb logic lmk!

I will high pass at around 4500 or so
Also, was not aware until recently that the anarchy had copper sleeves. No wonder I like it so much haha
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Sweet. I've noticed by switching to and from the hybrid l3se that these are more.. natural sounding. I like these better as a mid. I know these are supposed to handle 200 but I doubt it. If so they must be crossed pretty high for that
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