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Morel Elate 10" Woofer

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Hey DIY Members
Here is a chance to save!!
$449 (retail)
$299 Shipped For DIY Members
Morel Elate 10" Subwoofer
Nominal Impedance 4 Ohm
Power Handling:200W
Max. Transient Power: 1000W
Sensitivity (2.83V/1M) : 92dB
Frequency Response: 15-3000Hz
FS: 32Hz
Voice Coil Diameter: 75mm (3")
Voice Coil Height: 14.5mm (0.57")
Voice Coil Type/Former: Aluminum
Voice Coil Wire: Hexatech Aluminum
DC Resistance: 3.8 Ohm
Voice Coil Inductance @1kHz 0.63MH
Magnet System Hybrid rear vented
HE-Magnetic Gap Height: 6mm (0.25")
B-Flux Density: 0.95T
BL Product/BXL: 9.36
Max. Linear Excursion/Xmax: 8.5mm (±4.25mm)
Suspension Compliance CMS: 518
Mechanical Q Factor QES: 0.46
Total Q Factor Q/T: 0.36
QMS: 1.69
Mechanical Resistance RMS: 2.92kgS¹
Moving Mass MMS: 49.2gr (1.74oz)
Equivalent Car Air Load VAS: 76.40L (2.70ft³)
Effective Pison Area SD 90cm²: 324cm² (50.22in²)
Cone Type: One-piece formed
Cone Material DPC DPC DPC DPC
Unit Diameter: 263mm (10.35")
Mounting Depth: 74mm (2.91")
Mounting Cutout: 230mm (9.05")
Net Weight: 1.47kg (3.24lb)

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Bump still for sale
Just an FYI to all you shallow woofer fans, this has a 3 inch mounting depth ;)
Bump for a great vendor and for Morel.
Thank you..
Still got this..
If you can get me a ultimo 12 2 ohm drop a PM. :blush:
only 3 lb... that's light. what is the enclosure spec for these?
about .4^ sealed
how is the output on them? They seem like they would be better midbass speakers than subs with 4.5mm of excursion. Do you only have 1 of them?
yes i only have one..
out put would be moderate.. for SQ app's only no reckless bassing here

would be great for a upfront bass setup, glovebox, floor, console ect ect
behind a rear panel
Would this work for IB setup in rear deck? How would it compare to the Dynaudio MW180 or MW190 which are close to the price and depth?
Transshipping much?
Given that this is from March... and I wouldn't call selling a single Elate 10 transhipping.
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I was just kidding. I was making a mockery of some others here that get their panties in a wad.
1 - 15 of 15 Posts
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