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Hello first post here :)

Anyone have any experience with this Morel driver? Or perhaps the MW265/266/267. I just ordered it through partsexpress to try out, I originally wanted the full neodymiun version (mw267) but it was out for a while and this driver appears to have the freq range I need for a 2way setup.

How do these drivers work IB?

I have an Arc xxk2500(270 x 2) to power them....
and I have Rainbow Cal27 silks (which will feed offa Zapco c2k2.0x ~50-70rms) that have accoustic volume rear chamber supposedly capable of down to 1200hz if needed.

I have 6,12,18,24db slopes available for the transition from my HU

My main concern is obviously integration of both these drivers, and have enough xover/slope room for play to get them.

Also any feed back on the midrange clarity/detail of this driver is appreciated. I plan to xover then ~55-63hz the lowest, so I'm curious how they play that lower information as well.

Thank you

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come on guys...I was hoping to feel a lil' optimistic after a few replies :(

I guess throwing them in and crossing my fingers is all I can do- hope my doors are a perfect for'm

I recall not being too impressed w/ PG Elite mids mtself when my dealer had them, although they were the 6.5"s. I fig any good 8" will def make an inprovement in midbass output over a 6.5" , but really my main concern is to have adequate and fluid m,idrange with this driver...

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newtitan said:
I dont know man it willbe hard to get a CLEAN signal from a 8" driver of any sort

I ran the dls IR8's up to 2500, and they were not that great up high

usable yes, but much better at 63hz to 1000hz IMO

Im sure your bass output will be good

if its anything like the other morel drivers I have heard you will need all that the 2500xxk can produce to get the most out of em

not sure if you did this already

but Id HIGHLY recommend doubling up your matt amount, especially on the actual door panel

the amount of added throw you are going to get from 8" midranges will cause all kinds of hums and rattles in that fellow nissan :)

I give you props for trying something new as most dont do that!!!
Yeah, my door is deadened but I will be adding a lil more Roadkill...
I already have one of my ringscutout, should prolly have the other done soon as the drivers will be here any day.
What i do have to do is cut a good 1/4" all around off my factory cutout and shave/dremmel some plastic from the interior of the door panel grill to allow some room for the cone....
I'll be alright- just hoping for the best, if not an inprovement is welcome:)
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