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Morel MM3 or Audiofrog Gb25?

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trying to choose between the two mid ranges.

a little background

3 way active front with Morel Elate Carbon. my build currently includes the mm3 but my stock location has a very small opening. They should get them to fit but the speaker grills are very small and prob block 25-30 percent of the speaker and output. Installer wants them in the pillar but i prefer the oem look

Installer proposed the Gb25 instead of the mm3. no issues installing and with such a small foot print the full speaker face should fit in the grill opening

a little ocd on mixing speakers.

do you think the MM3 will still sound good even if a large part of the speaker face is blocked?
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I do the same in my car - it goes phone>apple camera kit>topping d10>optical>dsp.

I also use a lighting extension cable so you don’t have to plug your phone into that short whip that comes off the camera kit.
I have a separate vol control for when my phone is hooked to straight to the topping, in my case using helix it’s a urc.3 and someday a conductor after I figure out where to put it. I still have the stock HU with carplay hooked up using analog to my dsp, it comes on automatically upon start up and my dsp automatically switches if i plug my phone into the topping. If i get a phone call it automatically switches back to the HU and comes through the speakers I haven’t used the aerospace so I don’t know if it’ll work the same for you. Another nice feature is i can leave my phone hooked up Bluetooth to the HU while my phone is hardwired to the topping and still use the steering wheel controls and the HU screen to switch tracks but vol is still done separately. In my case the added effort is worth it because it just sounds so much better.

Hope that makes sense.
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My wife can get in and drive it like normal without touching any of that so it’s something to consider. If you need more info PM me and I’ll send you my #.

I also mostly use tidal and if it’s possible with the aerospace you’re better off with coax vs optical.
This is quite a timely post as I just added a Topping and camera adapter to my cart but trying to understand what other cables are needed and how they're wired.
Is this the correct cable to go from the Camera Adapter to the Topping? USB B 3.0 Cable, JSAUX USB-A Male to USB-B 3.0 Male (6.6ft/2M) USB 3.0 Type B Upstream Cord Nylon Braided Compatible with Docking Station, External Hard Drivers, Scanner, Printer and More(Black) : Electronics

Also, for power, do I just use a USB-A to USB-C cable from the car's USB port to the camera adapter? Amazon Basics USB Type-C to USB-A Male 3.1 Gen2 Adapter Charger Cable - 3 Feet (0.9 Meters) - Black : Electronics
Both of those are a little off.

Here’s a picture of mine

Motor vehicle Steering part Automotive tire Steering wheel Car

So the larger blue one feeds the topping it’s similar to the one you linked but the topping takes usb B 2.0.

Product Font Line Screenshot Office supplies

To the right of that is your typical apple lighting to usb charging cable. It’s plugged into a factory usb port in my center console and supply's power to the topping and charges my phone.

The short cable that comes off the top is what plugs into your source Iphone/ipad. I would recommend an extension cable for that as well. Like this one

Let me know if you want more pics/info
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related question. if i wanted a digital connection to my dsp and wanted to use a DAP why type of connection would i use? The Dap would have a usb C output
I’ve never used a DAP so I couldn’t help you there.

It’s still possible going through the topping but I’m thinking you would be better off skipping that step if possible and going direct.

I have read some DAP’s have multiple output’s including digital coax, which would be your best bet.
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