Bought 1 used (not installed by original owner), 1 new (from Parts express). Installed in sealed enclosures behind rear doors a couple weeks ago, never turned on because I haven't had the time (or yet acquired the expertise) to tune them and protect them . I called Morel in Israel, and they said for a car installation, crossing over at 150Hz at 6-12Db/octave would be appropriate. I want to set my subwoofer's LP at about 100Hz, and I would set these at at least 180-200Hz at 12Db/octave to be safe, so I want to sell these, and get the TSCW 636s. I'll also trade for those, (these retail for $50 more than the 636s, so that's not a bad deal, IMHO). They're behind a door panel, so I'm more than happy to take them off and add pictures with my name and date for serious inquiries. Being that my other stuff isn't moving, I'd rather not waste an hour or more of extremely valuable time taking apart doors and putting them back together unless someone is seriously interested. Thank you for looking!