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Mosconi 60.6 or Jl XD 600/6

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I need some help deciding between the Mosconi 60.6 and the JL XD 600/6.
I'm going to run my focal 165 v30's active(Using DEH 80prs), bridging two channels to each speaker and using the remanning two channels to power the tweeters. My question is will I notice a difference between the two and what exactly will that difference be?
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They are pretty much close in specs.
I have two of the XD amps. I think they are pretty nice. Small package, sounds great and stays pretty cool.
You might not notice too much of the difference.

The Mosconi looks nice though and I have heard many great things from that line.
Both good amps. The mosconi is class AB little different sound. I have 2 of the mosconis and they sound better to me than class d. The jl has more power by 15watts on your tweeters and they both would be at 200 to your mids. Another amp you might want to look at is the arc 1200.6. The guys at Simplicity in Sound (check build logs for their work) use a lot of them. The use a lot of the one series from mosconi too and have said the arc is a different monster when it comes to class d. The sound it a lot better from the normal class d's from what I hear. I would use that amp if I did not have my one series. In that price range its really nice . You would get 150x2 to the tweeters and 300x2 to your mids.. Nice to have head room... Either way their all solid amps. If you can listen to them I would.. My 2 cents arc this is coming from a true mosconi follower. power/value the arc is giving you a lot...Good luck
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Thanks for the reply, I'll definitely have to take a look at the arc 1200.6. I want something I can keep for a while, cause I plan on upgrading to Utopia Be 165 W-RC's eventually and am gonna need power and quality to get those things singing.
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