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I have a mosconi 6to8v8 installed years ago, recently it starts making popping sound randomly, it goes away when i switch to bluetooth, did this for one day, then it escalated quickly and the popping sound goes on nonstop and the light for bluetooth and remote keeps blinking.

Is it some sort of protection? I couldn't find any info on the user manual. Now even bluetooth does not work and i think the dsp is turning on and off or something

The way it was set up, is the dsp input connected to the oem hu high level speakers-signal (it does not have oem amplifier), and it powers up using auto sense, when it sense a signal from oem hu.

Disconnecting inputs remove the sound but also made the dsp shut down because there is no signal, I checked the resistance for oem outputs and i didn’t find a short circuit. I think i will look into the oem output again. Maybe with oscilloscope.

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