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Mosconi Pico 8 / 12 DSP Wiring Help Please

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Hi all, I would greatly appreciate some advice on wiring the power to the amp. The amp comes with a harness which includes power and remote in and out but the power wires coming out of the harness are the following:

  • there are 2 positive 16-gauge wires
  • there are 2 negative 16-gauge wires

If either the pos or neg wires are spliced together at best you have the equivalent of a 12 gauge wire. Does this seem right for 8x60watt amp to have the power feed only 12 gauge? Secondly, how best to wire this coming off a amplifier terminal block that the smallest wire it can output out of the block is 8 gauge?

Huge thanks in advance!
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get a pair of these and connect 2 power and 2 ground wires from it to the amp wiring harness.
Many thanks, that was my suspicion that some smaller gauge wiring block must be used. Do you find it odd for a 8x60watt amp to have the equivalent of a 12 gauge power lead? Just curious if you see that elsewhere (or maybe more common with EU mfg'ers)? Thanks again for the link. I ordered a set.
Appreciate if anyone could advise if the remote out from the Mosconi Pico can be connected directly to the second sub amp remote in without the use of a relay? I will only run 2 amps total off of the factory remote lead. Thanks!
It only has 100mA rating, I would not run more than 1 amp off the REM out. You could put an 100mA inline fuse on it an try, it may work, but I would use a relay. For some reason Mosconi DSPs don't offer 500mA REM out like Helix and some other brands.

Edit: Misread. If you are only running one amp off the Pico, you should be fine. I would still do an inline fuse.
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Thanks. Do you think I can just use the autosensing of the Mosconi without a remote in and use the remote out of the B&O harness and connect to the Sub Amp directly?
I believe if you are doing high level in, you can use remote sense, but I would use the remote out of the Pico to turn on your second amp. If it turns on before the Pico, you will probably get a startup pop.
I'm doing a Toslink into the Mosconi from the PAC A2B. I guess a relay is the only way to do it right.
No need for a relay if you are only feeding one amp. Also if you are doing toslink, you cannot use remote sense to turn on the Pico. Just get you an inline 100mA quick blow fuse and stick it on the REM out of the Pico. The PAC A2B should have an REM out that will run to the Pico, then run the Pico REM out to the second amp. No reason to over complicate things. A fuse will ensure there isn't too much draw on the Pico REM out.
Huge thanks!
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