ITEM BRAND & MODEL #: Mosconi Pro 5/30

Used. I'd rate it at 8/10. I used for only 6 months so operationally it's a 9.9/10. Appearance wise is 8/10 as a spot weld on my rear seat backrest clipped the amp and removed some paint. I used a black sharpie to hide the scrape. The connection cover still has the factory wrap on it.

PRICE: (typically in US Dollars) Feb 11 & 12 only price reduction. This Super Bowl weekend I've gone crazy at $1050 shipped. This price reduction will only be this weekend (11 & 12). After that the price is $1200 shipped. Shipping & payment rules still apply.

$1200 shipped to lower 48. Paypal friends & family or USPS money order only.

SHIPPING: (Included or to be Negotiated) Shipping included to lower 48. Item will ship fully insured and double boxed.

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