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MS-8, active setup question

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Hello all,

New to the forums but have been doing car audio for about 10 years. I'm very familiar with passive setups but new to active.

I'm planning on getting a new (used) car, possibly an older S4 and this is the system I'm looking to do.

Source: Keep factory HU
DSP: JBL MS-8 - to grab source from factory and send to amps
Amps: Was thinking (2) PDX F4''s and (1) PDX M6 (but I'm more flexible on amps- my budget is about $1000 for amps, so any better SQ amp combos would be welcome. I don't know much about the "nicer" sq amps- other than what I've read here. (could do (2) DLS cc44's and then the alpine m6 for the subs.)
Fronts: DLS Scandinavia 3 way (or Iridiums if I can find them)
Rear: DLS r6.2 or Random components- suggestions
Woofer: 12in JL or ID or RE - to get 600wrms

I've heard you can run not only full active off the MS-8, but you can also run a combo of active/passive.

Question I have is: Can I do what I've drawn out in the attached diagram with the MS-8?
(Run 3ways up front active and then steal 1 channel from each of the PDX F4's to run passive comps for the rear?)

Why I choose what I choose: I like Alpine, have had great luck with them in the past, small and stackable. DLS- really prefer DLS sound, like their soft dome tweets, running DLS upi6 and R6 in my cars right now. Is this the most efficient amp combination? I know people have also run rears off the MS-8 (but it's only about 20wrms and I got 2 free channels so why not use the amps right?) System goals= SQ, little nicer system than I've had in the past = 100wpc as opposed to 50 and full active. Mids and tweets would go in custom A pillar. I want a punchier system. I've used DLS amps (CA51) and although they sound good- I don't think it sounds any better than Rockford's I've used that have a bit more impact.


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The MS8 is only 8 channels. So you could not do the system as drawn since that would require 9. I am planning on having the mid and tweeters next to each other running off an active crossover external to the MS8. That way I can use one channel for each mid/tweeter.
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