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MTX thunderforms...can you make them any better?

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Well, Im about to purchase a Dodge Dakota that currently has an MTX thunderform in it. I'm probably gonna throw a set of MBq's in it, or IDq's right away.

I know they are pretty ****ty and made of plastic, but is there any way to reinforce one? Maybe some fiberglass on the inside?

The concept of the box is pretty neat, I just wish they were made better.

Any input?
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Actually you are all turned around.... WHAT is you expectation?

If you want to have your windows open, Bass blasting the street... Yep... you're right... the Thunderforms or the JL Steathboxes suck ass & you will be unhappy.... sorry.. but that's a dumb ass perception...

Again... AGE... LOCATION & more information on all profiles will help now that DIY has become the new

WHAT source?
WHAT kinds of MUSIC?
WHAT other speakers are in the truck?


for the love of Zeus.. we can't help if you don't give us something & are not willing to research you truck yourself...

I will bend over backwards to tell you what I have done in many Dakotas.. **** dude.. You didn't even say what YEAR Dakota....

I am on a mission.. Hold people accountable for their posts & accountable for the idea that... HEY I have checked, rechecked & made sure that I have my bases covered... help me....

There are at least 3 Dakota build logs in the ... GASP! DIY build log forum... <aka... search DAKOTA>...

I am not being on hard on you personally.... its just common sense... if you don't know... Don't expect a DIY forum to spoon feed you...

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Changed my sig just for you rob
Just wondering.....but the OP's questions seemed pretty specific. Didn't seem like he needed to add all that extra information in order to answer the question - just seemed like he was after possible solutions to reinforce a Thunderform. :shrug: Not like he was asking for custom solutions or equipment recommedations for a Dodge Dakota. Seems like anyone could've chimed in, not just current/former Dakota owners.

Doing a search of 'Dakota' in the build logs does produce some nice builds, however I didn't see any where a Thunderform was used (and reinforced).

Having said that, I have no answer to the OP's question. :D


and to answer OP- YES adding fiberglass to the inside will certainly help.
I am also a fan on dampening the inside of boxes.
The results however, will be minimal, and i doubt you will really notice a difference.
Your ROE will be low.

I would spend the time making a new design specific to the vehicle, Driver, and your listening tastes.

I hope this helps.
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Again... AGE... LOCATION & more information on all profiles will help now that DIY has become the new


Take deep breathe and clam're likely to blow a gasket.:D

Just do what I do...look at this as a CAR AUDIO forum.....the best damn car audio forum on the net.;)
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