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Multiple battery set up questions.

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I am fairly new to installing car audio. So ok here is the deal, I drive a scion Tc. And I have already done the big three upgrade, h/o alternator, and kenetik 1200 as the start up battery. I will be installing 3 kenetik 2000 batteries to power my JBL A6000GTI amp which will power 2 Fi Btl 15s. I know to hook up the batteries positive to positive and negative to negative, but that's all I really know. I want to add a 30 farrid capacitor, but don't know hot to set up everything. A diagram will help also. I also know to have a fuse within 16 inches of each battery. I need to know how how wire everything.
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Need to ask: Will a single kinetic battery improve SQ?
Can we hear the diff?
Wow, deffinatly alot of power on tapp there. Basically you have the idea down. Just need to wire all the positives to each other and hook that to your main power wire. And same thing with the grounds. Just pretend they are amps.. same hookup.. I would recommend using an isolator which will keep the battery system separate until the remote wire comes on and allows the batteries in the trunk to pull some power from the front. I have heard some things about using different batteries and how it can lead to killing batteries. Im not sure of the specifics on that and I would do a search just to check it out. But Im not so sure your going to need that cap, but thats just me.
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