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I am looking for a good Mid+Tweet Combo under 500. Yes I know, go ahead and tell me to search the forums because this has been covered 6 million times. However all circumstances are different, please read my thread and understand my specefic application to why I am asking a question that has been covered so many times.

Vehicle: 05" Subaru LGT

Head Unit/Processor: Alpine PXE H660 or R.F. 3Sixty.
I have used the Alpine CDA-9884+Imprint in the passed and loved it. However they do not make a dash kit for my LGT! I do not wish to fiberglass one, and well I wouldn't mind keeping it "Stock" looking, afterall I am a college student and thieves are everywhere around campus!

Front Stage: In the passed I have used a set of Older Boston Pro's and a set of DLS Ultimates. Swapped out Pro's because the harshness of the tweets. DLS had soft domes, more "natural sound," but were more "flat" and had less mid bass and took a LOT more wattage to make them sound good. I would like to drop my DLS and head active with Raw Drivers. Since this is my first time, I would like to keep it simple with a 2-way design.

Mids: budget is 200-250 ballpark for a SET of mids. Mids will be placed in kick panels. I plan on fiberglassing and deadening them myself. Depth isn't too big of an issue but diameter is. Looking for driver between 5.25" to 6.5." Preferrably a 6.5" possibly a 7" if I can find a tweeter to cross low enough. Mids will be positioned "on axis." There is basically 0 room, other than for the driver in each kick. Maybe I should go with 5" mids so I'd have volume inside kicks???

Tweeters: Tweets will be mounted in A pillars, shoulder height, correct? If I were to just drill a hole in them, and set them in, they would be in there flush, but "off axis." can I do this? Run tweets "off axis" and mids "on axis?" Diameter is not an issue, i bet I have nearly 3"s of play, depth isnt either lol I assume its not with most tweeters. Budget is 75-100 per tweeter.

Amplifier(s) I assume if I go 2 way active I am going to need a 4 channel correct? I do not have an amplifier yet... I am in search of a compact 4 channel to fit underneath my drivers seat. Possibly a 5 channel to run a subwoofer.

Subwoofer: I have already fabricated up a fiberglass box, fits snug in the drivers side rear corner of the trunk. Sealed, and holds a single 10" IDQ.

Crossovers??????? I know both the Alpine PXE H660 and 3sixty have "active" capabilities. Will I need an additional crossover? Does it depend on the amplifier?

I would like to head with these brands/companies and plan on ordering from either madisound or parts express-Seas, Dayton, SCANSPEAK!!!!!!!!!!! or peerless. Also I understand that I can't just buy expensive drivers and expect to throw a cheap amplifier on them and expect them to sound great. I am looking into Audison, Zapco, possibly JL's HD amplifiers or amps from DLS. Fiberglassing is 2nd nature to me, I engineer canoes:)

Thankyou guys! Please dont rag this is my 1st time on here, and am tryin to get a feel.

Also, I may spend the extra $$$ if its worth it on drivers...
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