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This is a bit complicated, but I am trying to figure out how to maximize sound for different listening positions in my Chrysler Town and Country minivan

Pioneer AVIC-8000NEX - feeds third row speakers directly
Mosconi 4to6 - feeds front row and sub

The EQ is setup right now for driver side position when the fader on the Pioneer is all the way front - typical SQ setup without rear fill.

If I fade the music the the third row, the sound stage shifts to the passenger side and basically collapses. Right now I just move the balance a couple points to the left to center it. But the soundstage is basically a single point.

What I would love to do is somehow calibrate the sound using both the Pioneer and Mosconi to the front left position, and then use the Pioneer's listening position feature to move sound around the minivan depending on who is in there and what is going on (e.g., people are in the back or watching movies). SQ is not important in those cases, just decent sound is good enough.

Proposed approach
My initial thought would be to setup the Pioneer first with its Time Alignment feature and keep the speaker levels at 0 for the front left position.

Then recalibrate the Mosconi on top of that to actually do the real correction

Then if I shift the listening position to Front right or All, the Pioneer would tack on its shifts.

In general this seems like an unworkable, bad idea, but I thought I would ask. Obviously it isn't aimed at SQ at this point, just generalizing the sound appropriately when needed. And since I am not terribly worried about SQ in the rear, I don't want to spend the money to go fully active in back.
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