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Pardon if I forgot a gift-giving holiday in any other religion in the title but... I'm Catholic and Sunday school failed to inform me much of anything except some guy parting a sea somehow and some other guy burning a bush and a savior coming back from the dead and then squeezing out of a sealed tomb/cave.

So, here's what I want for (in my case) Christmas:
- Hard term limits for State and Federal Senate and Congress of up to and no more than 8 years in the same position.
- Laws preventing the in-reality requirement to spend millions to actually have any remote success of being elected as a politician of most any sort.

Sorry, getting off topic...

The car audio stuff:
- 2x Mosconi AS 100.4 or 1x AS 100.4 + AS 200.2
- 1x Mosconi AS 200.2 (for subwoofery)
- Alpine KTX-GM8K2 Perfect Fit Dash Kit + Maestro thingy
- Alpine X008U for said dash kit

Since y'all are buyin'...
- 2015 Ford Mustang GT w/Track Pack in Green (swo swexy!)
- 2015 Ford Fiesta ST (excellent SQ platform + quick and economical + and not likely to lead me straight toward a phone pole with too much power)
- Corsa catback exhaust for me truck so I can fit in in Georgia; although if you get me the Mustang or Fiesta I'll probably sell the truck
- Photography classes from a pro who does lifestyle / architecture stuff

...and world piece and no more starvation and all that, too. :rolleyes:

PM me for my information and when I might expect me presents! Thanks!!!

Oh, and what do you want?
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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