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I've gotten a lot of messages/emails/etc over the last year about my site and some of the links being busted, or comments not showing up, etc.

TBH, I got lazy. I did a whole lot of reviews in a short span last year and quickly flamed out; never made it a point to fix the things that needed fixing.
I made it a point this weekend to do so and have updated the Driver Tests Master List. Link is here:

FWIW, I'm doing the Amazon Affiliate program to try to make a couple bucks off the site. So, don't be surprised if you click a product link and it takes you there ... it's my attempt at funding new gear to test. I've got a few particular drivers I want to get my hands on in the next couple months and I'm not going to be given them to test. ;)

If you guys are cruising the site and find anything else broken, LMK. I'll also try my best to reply to comments quickly rather than letting them sit there for a year or two. There are some tweaks to the site I plan on making when I get some time and I plan to 'blog' more there than just post test reviews. I'm kind of getting over my whole disdain for testing again and hope to pick back up sometime this spring with some new tests. But we'll see...
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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