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I have 2 10" RE RE series subs on the way(should be here tmrw!!) since my old sub and amp fried, so I decided to design an enclosure. It is a dual 10" enclosure with separate airspace for each sub. I calculated the displacement to be .635 cubes per sub. That is without the sub displacement. So net displacement is .535 cubes. It is a pretty basic box since I do not have many tools to cut the wood(I am going to see if the local lumber company has/will cut the 3/4" MDF for me). I have the tools to put it together so I figured this would be the best aka cheapest route. Honest opinions are welcome!!

Enclosure Rendering:

Exploded View:

Top/Bottom Pieces:

Rear Piece:

Sides/Center Divide Pieces:

Face Piece:
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