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My Image Dynamics cxs64 sound horrible

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Hi Guys I have the following gear.

Image dynamics cxs64 in the front
Rockford p600x4 amp
Alpine 148bt Headunit
Focal sub
PDX M6 moboblock

The speakers are in the stock location with the tweets sitting in the A pillar. They are crossed at 5khz . The other options eg 3.5khz , 3.9khz and 4.5khz did'nt sound right. I have done a phase test using the Audio Test CD and the phase is ok.

After I upgrading to ID cxs64 from Polk Audio Dxi6500 components my system sounds very mediocre compared to the entry level polks. The sound is not warm , The vocals are playing hide and seek, The male vocals sound like they are "Cupped handed". The midbass is muddy.

I like my music loud and play mostly urban music (Hip Hop, RnB and Soul). But my music doesnt sound so nice anymore. Its lifeless.The polks sound a bit better and they like $80. Even my passengers are asking " What happened"

Could my bottleneck be the amp. Its rated 75w rms and the IDs are rated 125w rms. I was considering buying a PDX-F6 or Sundown Sax150.4 but need some counsel on my issue first. I dont want to throw parts at it.
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I am a huge fan of Image Dynamics, but this was one set of speakers from them that i did not like at all. And i agree with what you are describing as that is how they sounded to me.

I do not think its your amp...i think its the location of the drivers. Have you tried placing the tweeter and the woofer together and mounting them both in the stock woofer location?

Then once you do that you can also reverse the polarity of one of the tweeters or one of the woofers to see if it helps.

You can also lower the HP to 80hz and be ok, that wont afect your current issue, but it will being your bass up front a little more.
MiniSQ Im on it I shall try that and revert. But doesn't this adversely affect my staging and Imaging?
You will have to let us know that:)
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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