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There has been a lot of interest in my MTX amps from members of this forum, so I have decided to offer anyone from this forum (continental US anyway) free shipping on my amps that are currently on ebay. You guys have all treated me really well and made me feel welcome on this forum, so I want to extend my thanks. If you win the auction, just let me know your user name on here and I will take car of the shipping. All three auctions end tonight around 7pm est. Here are the links:
4320:MTX Thunder 4320 4 channel sub amp jl rockford 560 watt - eBay (item 230335577059 end time Apr-12-09 16:53:35 PDT)
280:MTX Thunder 280 2 channel sub amp jl rockford 280 watt - eBay (item 230335575819 end time Apr-12-09 16:43:31 PDT)
2300:MTX Thunder 2300 2 channel sub amp jl rockford 750 watt - eBay (item 230335575086 end time Apr-12-09 16:37:29 PDT)
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