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I am getting really confused buy the number of names that seem to be given to the same Rainbow speakers. Maybe I am confused but I saw Rainbow's catalog when Arc was the distributor and I just want to get it straight. I just like to reference them correctly on forums and such. I believe they sound great but wish the were louder with more midbass.

The set I have are the Rainbow CS 265 P Vanadium Competition. I have always called these "Rainbow Competition Extremes".

I had three sets and I whish I had held on to them. Here are some pix.

I have heard them called "Comp Extremes". "Vanadiums", "Profi Extremes" and "Profi Vanadiums". Where "Profi came in with these I have no idea? Lately I have heard them called "Overrated" but I like them

I have them in my Wife's Jetta off an Alpine 9857 and Arc 4150 CXL (front channels). I know what they are rated at but what kinda power can they really handle? I thought hard of running my Arc 4150 bridged to them and ditch the rears. I really want louder music.

So whats the real name of these speakers and what kinda power have you ran to them.

Oh, if you click around my photo page your will find some more old Rainbow porn. How I ever let the Rainbow CS 275.27 Power's or the Rainbow Xplain 8 3way set with the 4" W 100 mk II and Cal25's go......just didn't know any better. Ugh.
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