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This is the progression of my truck i have split it into 3 generations first i had

sony xplod head unit

ppi Sadona
zapco z100c2
mtx td1000 class d (later added)
earthquake 200x (replaced mtx)

re audio pro 6.5 components with the ppi
4 by 6 mtx thunder dome with the zapco
and a sony xpold 8 in the black of the seat with the mtx later added

i ran 4 gage wire behind the back seat with a 100 amp fuse off the battery starter and alternator connection in the truck also a fuse distribution block
4 gage ground connection
turn on ran off the ignition fuse
and all the speaker wires and rca ran from the existing ones down the driver step to the back seat (i would have switched the rca placement to the passenger side now theres interference between rca and other lines)

i want to happy with the sound of the ppi
the re audio was a step up from the original 6.5 and was ok
the mtx 4 by 6 are good for there money nothing special (i would redo it with a 3 or 4 in mid and tweeter if i could go back to perfection it)
the zapco sounds good as expected
the mtx and sub sounded weak at best
and head unit sounded good at low output

see it at

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the 2ed gen was an improvement a push for more and better

the 6.5 re audio where blown
a 6 by 9 box was put in the center floor with old sound stream
ran off a new zapco z150 (23 year old amp new to me) running the 6 by 9
sound steam 6 by 9 where replaced with mtx thunder dome
removed the sony xpold sounded like crap turned up made the system distort
amps where left to gain open removing some distortion and odd frequency distribution
made a box for 4 8's used 2 old rockford fozgates had laying around
redid my wiring
ppi was removed

i like the 6 by 9s for adding a lot of missing frequency's
the mtx 6 by 9s are good for there money plenty of power and surprising mids sound alright
without the head unit distortion was brought way down
looked better with better wiring
the box for the 8's worked out really well for what it is
the rockford fozgates make fine bass not a lot but now you can hear the lows to about 40 hertz
everything in the back is organized
sound improved sql

see at

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3ed gen is all about maxing out space and sql on a budget

no head unit

zapco z100c2
zapco z150
earthquake 200x

4 by 6 mtx thunder dome
re audio 6.5 components LONG GONE!!!!
mtx 6 by 9 thunder dome in doors
2 8's rockford fozgate

i put re audio components in the door most worthless below quarter ass quality loud screaming distorting over priced junk made its long gone
then i put the mtx 6 by 9s in the door and they sound alright better than anything else in there when they hit below 70 to 90 hurts they sound like crap trying lost some mid response but all and all for unpadded truck doors not bad
i will be getting another pair to fill the box soon
and i used a 5uf 250 volt cap for the 4 by 6 and front tweeters
all and all missing some mids but getting there

see 6 by 9s at
3ed gen 6 by 9 in doors - YouTube

this is the 6 by 9 door test last minute shows the best sound
also youtube made the distortion
6 by 9 door test - YouTube

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ok I am better defining my truck and my goals
1. low budget
2. clear leaning toward sql and something decent ( low sql for a real sql based system but a whole lot better than 98% the other tin cans on the road)
3. ease of install did not do weeks of work or fabrication can easily put it back to factory
4. spl i am a teenager
in short i have built a system of old zapco amps and cheap mtx speakers that sounds definitive in listening it has no tuning but sounds decent at about 95 dbs, a lot can be heard its just a little harsh and... not so flat in response or good sounding mids( mids are a biggy for me when i'm being picky and anal) but for the cost and considering i am running a direct 2 channel signal plus its a single cab truck its a nightmare if i got anal. i think it sounds all right for a daily driver and i am learning a lot from it. O and i highly recommend the mtx 6 by 9 thunder dome for simple systems. Stay away from zapco the price is high enough for me as it is don't want any of you driving it up.

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Well Christmas is a time for capitalist evil and consumption. Anyway lots of new goodies :). Idea of higher spl level was completely dropped. My redistilled system now has.
iPod running into a Sony xec505 (extremely clean cut off and has surge dampening so if I yank my iPod out I don't risk anything)
And the key of this whole thing the slb-tb4 :) only takes years to find this one is new old stuff came with the box.
Now driving my 100c2sl (runs tweeters) and my 200c2sl (runs 2 pairs of 6 by 9).
So it's a full range zapco competition zapco system does it sound good, sidenote the speakers limit the SQL but it's very pleasant listening. those amps are so accurate. And I have gotten q power 10s they are really great woofers, don't nock them untill you have tried them they get the job done better than any woofer more expensive and sound decent doing it, no SQL master but in a sealed box they hit low and don't overpower the highs so much. Of corce there not anything to win anything but they are the best value available I back that up.

It's about done, it's no master sound but for everyday listening it's vary pleasing and there is enogh woofer to move the cabin.
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