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I have a 2015 Jeep Grand Cherokee and I am looking to add an amp or two (split between single 5 channel vs. separate amps) to the factory 8.4in Unconnect system with six speakers (no sub or external amp). I currently have Focal components / co-axials running off of the factory head unit, and they sound great (tweeters are a little bright though, IMO). My question is, which LOC is the most preferred by people? The local upscale car audio shop recommends and sales PAC products, but I've always heard good things about David Navone's products. I don't have the budget for a MS-8 or similar DSP, and I don't know how much value I could get from these as I only have the 6 speaker setup and I don't believe I need to sum the signals. Both front and rear are full signal from the head unit with the tweeter receiving an in-line crossover.

Any opinions on which one would be best to go with? I'm also open to other suggestions.

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