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Hey this is my first post here. I'm kind of new to audio and I need help for plans for a ported subwoofer box. I've look at money posts, but I'm still a little confused. The subwoofer I'm getting is a MOFO-154X 15 inch subwoofer.
I want to build ported box and I don't know how to... I'll be using the sub in my house, but plat to bring it in a car when I get one. I Listen to electronic and sometimes rap. I'm not sure what to tune it to. Also I have almost any dimensions to use
The sub specs are:
Fs 24.4
Qms 5.95
Vas 4.077
Xmax mm 15
Xmech mm 22.5
Qes 0.51
Re 7.23
Znom 8
BL 26.32
Power (Watts) 1700
Qts 0.47
SPL 86.97
V.C. Size (in.) 2.5
V.C. Imp DVC 4
Cut-out 14.125
Depth 8.125
Recommended Enclosures
Sealed 2.00
F3 Hz 39.33
Ported 4.00
Port (2) 4x11.75
Tune Freq. (Hz) 29.7
F3 Hz 28.78

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how come I've read other reviews and they say it's great?
Can you recomend a different 15 inch sub in the price range?
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