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Need 6.5" Comps for SQL

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Will be building a modest system for a 1991 Mustang convertible. The car is not in great shape, lots of creeks and sqeeks, dry rotting weather stripping, headers and a Dynomax exhaust (the quiet one, but still...) It will be a project car when my son gets a bit older. For now I will just drive it occasionally to keep the cobwebs off of it.

What I'm saying is, its not an SQ car by a long shot (no processing will be used) However, I want music in it, and currently it does not even have an HU. What are some 6.5 passive comps that can take some power and sound decent at higher volume (e.g., driving with roof off in the summer).

For the 6.5's, I'll be using a full range class D with ~150+ watts available. I'll have a single 10" sealed in the trunk at 600 watts.

So, what gets loud, built well and won't break the bank?
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I am managing with HAT Mirus in my 1990 Miata with 125w behind them. I had to play a dirty trick and hi-pass them around 200hz and run my subs from there down to keep excursion reasonable (have the 5.25" ones). That said, they sound amazing.
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