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Newbie to the forums here. Currently work doing record mastering so if anyone has any questions on pro audio, monitors, amps, etc feel free to ask.

Anyhow I have an '04 BMW M3 vert I bought a few days ago and am looking to start upgrading the system by first adding a proper sub and amp. The car has an H/K stereo setup (quite lackluster I might add) and had a single sub in behind the rear seats (where the arm rest would sit). To make a long story short the PO had removed the H/K sub and had someone build out a small enclosure out of 5/8 MDF. It was cut for a 10" sub and I'm wondering what my best bet would be for it.

The enclosure is around .42cf in size (unloaded) and is not very deep. Maybe about 4.5". Since the surround will be facing out behind the armrest I'd like to find something that doesn't extend out past the basket too much.

I'd be open to using an 8" if there was an size 'adapter' that would let me mount the 8" inside of a 10" cutout. Currently the Elemental Designs SQ10 seems to hit every mark.

Your thoughts, or ideas?

PS - I will be powering it with a small amp (250w/RMS) bridged into 4ohms. Just looking for something to round out the stock components.

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