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The wife has a 01 caddy sts with the bose system. The factory speakers are done for and expensive so I am looking into doing something with her car. This does not have to be a booming system or the best SQ either but it does need to sound better than the factory bose which should not be hard.

The factory head unit and amp will be staying because from what I have found removing them can cause all sort of gremlins so I am looking for advice on a signal processor and possibly and amp if I don't pick up my buddies a/d/s PH15.2 and send it off for repairs.

I am probably going to use 6.5 seperates for the doors as I will have to build out with rings no matter what I use and this should keep the selection good. I will also be looking for a freeair 12 to go into the factory location.

Now for the budget. I will not be buying this all at once but would like to keep the total somewhere around $1000 and I will do all the install work so there will be no labor to figure in.
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