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I am planning my second (inexpensive) system for my car this time. It's a 98 Cavalier. I would like to use a 5 channel amp. The ones I am looking at are
1)Boston Acoustics GTA-1005 (Cost $250)
2)RE Audio XTX-500.5 (Cost $250)
3)Massive Audio NX5 (Not sure of the cost on this one,)

The Boston gets me right where I want to be as far as wattage, at 70 per channel and 250 for sub. The RE is 60 per channel and 200 for sub. And the Massive wattage is way high, I think, for stereo speakers, at 120 per channel and 200 watts for sub.
The sub I am thinking of using is the Massive v122 which calls for 250 at 4 ohms. The speakers I have already purchased are the Massive Audio VX6 and VX69
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