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Hey Guys,
Because of severe health problems, I have had to drop out of the Car Audio Hobby. I can't do the work myself and am never happy with the work I pay someone to do. Plus, since I have had several back fusions, I just don't drive that much and if we do, we use my wife's Jetta that is plenty sufficient with Alpine, Arc and Rainbow. I am looking to to sell some Apline,older Kicker amps and some misc items that are collecting dust. I have no idea of what they are selling for these day. This is not a solicitation to sell them here as I want to try locally to avoid shipping as its just to hard for me to get around. Here is what I have.

Alpine CDA-9887 (BNIB)
Alpine KCE-300BT Bluetooth adapter (BNIB)
Alpine KCA-SC100 Sirius Adapter (BNIB)
Alpine KCA-620M (USB Adapter) (BNIB)
Alpine MRP-F600 (mint condition, used briefly)
Alpine MRP-M1000 (BNIB)

Kicker DX350 8.5/10 with end caps
Kicker ZX460 8.5/10 no end caps
End caps could be sold with either amp.
Would kill for a Kicker Sink Link!!!!

Image Dynamics IDMAX 10 V.3 (1" tear in surround)
Clarion EQS746 (BNIB) don't expect much here
Aura Bass Shaker Pro (2-BNIB)

Thanks for any advice. It pains me to loose the Alpine 9887 and amps but I really need a high end Tablet and some work done to my Samsung DLP TV.
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