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Need Amp Help

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So I’m in need of a little help. I just found out that my set up I was going to do isn’t going to work very well (3x Polk Momo MM2104 (SVC, 4 ohm), powered by 1x Punch 250.2 (4 ohm bridged) and 1x Alpine MRP-M500 (2 ohm mono)).

Now I have built half of the box for the 3x subs, so I am pretty dead set on using the 3x polks. The help I need is on the amp(s). What route should I go? Is there a cheapish/powerfulish amp that can power the 3x subs, possibly under $300 (perhaps I need to rethink everything)? Should I get 3x punches and power each sub individually? Or should I stop kidding myself and just use 2x subs (not the route I want to take).

Thanks guys
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i think gaining a general knowledge of what you are doing would be a good idea.

Do you know what you gain by adding a 3rd sub?

Hint: Its the same as doubling the power.

Hint 2: It's not twice as loud or even 50% louder
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