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So I havent bought a head unit in 6 or 7 years now and I finally decided I want to get a new one. There are so many brands out there and so many useless(to me at least) options on most of these head units that I am clueless as to what I should get.

This is my current setup in my regular cab s10:
Panasonic CQ-C7301u
Infinity REF475a 4channel
Infinity REF1300a Mono
Infinity REF1062 sub
Infinity Kappa 62.9i doors
Infinity Kappa 462.9cfp dash

I would like for my new head unit to have these options at the very least and as little extra junk as possible.

Double din touch screen
No navigation
USB port front or rear for MP3s
Front, rear, and sub outputs
high preamp voltage
dead head would be nice
I could careless about any bluetooth, ipod, pandora etc. I dont have an ipod and all of my music is MP3s and I dont care for pandora.
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