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my little brother just got a new car a month ago and he is graduating from high school this year and i wanted to do something nice for him.

i spent a good 4hours today doing an aftermarket amp and subwoofer add on to a 2012 civic coupe with factory premium sounds and navi. After everything was carefully installed and the result was NOTHING. The amp and the audiocontrol lc2i did not power up. The factory speakers and navi still powered.

the goal was to give it a little more bass and keep it factory as can be.
details on car and audio equipments

2012 Honda Civic Ex with Navi/Premium Sound
4 gauge power wire
4 gauge ground wire
JL Audio 250/1
JL Audio 8w7 sealed
AudioControl LC2i

4gauge wire from battery to amp, then sanded down a small area for ground, and used audiocontrol remote into amp remote

tapped into the factory sub, had only one positive and negative i researched it was best to use two positive wires and two negative wires spliced into the factory sub wire.
LC2i 12volt wire to the amp power wire
LC2i ground wire into amp ground
LCi remote into amp remote

i am completely lost! i carefully did a walk through of the install: power wire, ground, fuse, remoter wire, spliced factory sub, etc, etc.

please help me out!
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