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Need help - 8 ohm system in my car (project groove-box)

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I have an old pair of 10" polycone drivers and a couple of piezo tweeters I'm 'recycling' for the rear of my wagon. The are from a half-completed home stereo system I started when I was sixteen. They've just been sitting around collecting dust so I'm putting them to good use. I don't really have the bucks right now to go all out and just put in a nice complete system in my car, otherwise I would. Plus I enjoy building things out of wood.

This is Project Groove-Box.

Driver Specs
Nom impedance : 8ohms
Power handling : 160watts RMS
Freq. range : 29Hz - 2500Hz
Sensitivity : 91dB 1watt 1metre
Voice Coil Resistance (Re) : 6.9ohms
Mechanical Q factor (Qms) : 7.632
Electrical Q factor (Qes) : 0.364
Total Q factor (Qts) : 0.347
Equiv. Volume (Vas) : 98Lt
Cone Area (sq m) : 0.0346

Tweeter specs
Max. input 35volt RMS (100 watt amp power)
Freq resp : 3.8kHz - 28kHz +3dB
Sensitivity : 94dB/1W/1M

I need suitable wiring, filters and a nice amp to power them.

These are going in a old sub-bin for now. I'm building a really nice box for them, made to the exact specs for the drivers, however it's going to be a while. I'm taking my time with it and doing all the right things. The sub-bin is just temporary.

I'm aware of the 'lacking in frequency' between 2.5kHz and 3.8kHz and it's a total bummer I know. The stock 5" mids in the car will have to make do for now. Later on down the track, for the real box, I'll grab some high quality tweeters to fill the void. These tweeters are cheap replacements I bought years ago after I damaged the first set.

Any help is appreciated. I'm from Adelaide in South Australia and basically a noob when it comes to this stuff. I wanna get the ball rolling so I need some advice on what kind of filters will be good for the aforementioned parts and some tips on amp shopping.

Cheers :D
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