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Need help choosing 6.5 inch speaker

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So I have an Alpine PDX-V9 amp, and I am having trouble finding speakers that handle its power.

The rated RMS is 100w per channel, but the actual tested output on mine is 171w.
I need 6.5 inch speakers because it's going on a Harley, and I bought fittings for that size.

I recently bought some J&L subs but they can't handle that much power.

I also have some speakers that can handle it but I am looking for midrange and sub.

tl;dr I need a 6.5 inch sub/midrange that can handle 150+rms wattage.

Thanks in advance
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I would prefer an actual sub, but a midrange woofer will do. As it is going on a motorcycle I already know I won't be hearing all the frequencies, so pretty much I just need something that puts out good bass and handles that power.
Yeah, already bought the only options (don't want the cheap Pyle stuff) they had to offer. Right now I am looking for the nice brands like Alpine, J&L, Rockford, etc.
It does look nice but it handles 50watts RMS, I need 150+
No budget at all. Already got a stupid amount invested so I don't really care at this point, I just want the thing to sound good!
I think I'll order 2. Are there any other options in case these aren't compatible with my setup? Also thanks to everybody who's helped
I don't know the brand off the top of my head since I have had them for some time now, but they're 100% air tight and sounded pretty good with some J&L subs, they couldn't handle the power, so I came here hoping to get some ideas.
1 - 7 of 14 Posts
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