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Hi all. I have been reading up on several forums and am in the process of upgrading the audio in my 2002 Porsche 911. I am going to replace the speakers first, then the amp, then head unit, and possibly add a sub last. Before I upgrade the amp the speakers will be running on the stock bose amp :mad:

The car has the following stock speakers.

4" front and location for tweeter
5.25" Door speakers
4" rear and location for tweeter
* 8" inch sub possible in stock location w. slight mod. There is currently a bose sub woofer enclosure installed. Cost $405 for the enclosure so I am going to try to build up system without this and maybe in the future.

I am all ears to any suggestions. I have not considered what amp I will be getting at all. I am trying to pull the trigger on the speakers.

Here is my rough plan so far. Any input would be greatly appreciated.

I currently do not plan on installing any speakers in the rear. From reading, it seems in my car rear fill speakers make no sense. If you think I should get rear speakers I would consider it...

I have decided on the following for the 5.25" speakers.

Tang Band W5-1138SM 5-1/4" Neodymium Subwoofer.

Tang Band W5-1138SM 5-1/4" Neodymium Subwoofer

This seems to be the best option to get sub woofers into the car at the moment. They will fit in the stock door enclosures with slight modification.

I am currently looking for a set of components (or coaxial) to install in the front. I've looked at a ton of speakers. The mounting depth I am working with is 2 inches. I think I am in the $300ish price range for these speakers. Would like to go lower, could go higher.

The front runner at the moment is

CL-42SL 4" component System

CDT Audio CL-42SL


Unknown old speakers from ebay that look like a possibly decent choice... Does anyone know anything about these?

Old School MB Quart Discus-Line DSC210 4" separates from Germany

German Made Old School MB Quart Discus Line DSC210 4" Separates from Germany | eBay

FOCAL Performance P 165 V33 midranges ( I 100 VRS ) BRAND NEW !

Focal Performance P 165 V33 Midranges I 100 VRS Brand New | eBay


Other options

MB Quart RKC 110 4" 2-Way Car Speakers NEW

MB Quart RKC 110 4" 2 Way Car Speakers New | eBay

HAT Mirus M41-2 4" Coaxial Speaker Set

Mirus M41-2 4" Coaxial Speaker Set - 12v Electronics

Morel Maximo 4C 4-Inch Coaxial Speakers


Considering slightly more expensive ...

Focal Integration 100 VRS

Focal Integration 100 VRS Shallow-mount 4" component speaker system at

Thanks for the help in advance!

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Are the 4" and tweeter on the dash?

Also, you might want to check how much eq the bose amps have on them. From what I understand bose heavily eq's their systems on the amps. This means that if you drop in new speakers, they might sound terrible due to the on board bose eq.

Amps aren't that expensive these days so you may be able to fit them into your phase 1 budget.

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The 4" and tweeter will go in the dash.

I can go ahead and make the amplifier part of the first phase.

I guess I just need to pick the speakers first so I know what amplifier to get. It looks like I will be only running two channels for the fronts and two channels for the subs.

The subs only run at 40 watts RMS and 80 watts max. This is low compared to what a normal setup would have. The frequency response is 45 to 1,500 Hz. They are small so I'd think they are missing part of the low end... How much?

As far as the amplifier goes, I don't know much on this subject. My two thoughts would be a 200 watt 4 channel or 300 watt x 6 channel? Then bridge for 100 x 2 to the front and 50 x 2 to the small side subs?
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