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lol, pretty bland title...

anyway, i am currently trying to decide between the 7" peerless HDS Exclusive and the Seas G18's. i currently have Seas L18's and wanna try something differnet for the 2-way setup i am building. I was leaning towards the G18s right now only because I have yet to hear anything substantial about the Peerless 7" woofer. I love peerless but am hesitant to try out the exclusives because money is tight right now.

So basically I need some opinions on the Peerless. I'm mostly concerned about midbass becase I plan on using them as dedicated midbass sometime in the future, which is the main reason i was leaning towards the G18s. So if anyone could comment on the Peerless 7" HDS Eclusives i would really appreciate it. Comments about both are welcome as well. Thanks!
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