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Hi everyone.

Noob here! First car, and soon first car audio system (don't know anything about it).

I want to buy a high quality audio system in my car (something discrete). It can be new or used.

Budget: +- $1500
Music: Hiphop, R&B, oldies rock, etc.

I don't need the best equipment, but I'd like to get the best sound quality possible with this $, but really don't know what equipment I should get.

Might be this:

- Head-Unit
- Speakers (do I need both in front and rear? or should I invest more in the frontal ones and forget about the rear ones )
- Woofer / Subwoofer ??
- Amp (one amp or two amps? should one amp be enough for 2 frontal speakers + sub, or do I need one amp for sub and another one for speakers)
- Soundproofing necessary? Should it be done before or after the installation
- Wires

The car is an old Renault Megane (probably you've never heard about it).

So, what would you buy?

Any help and advice would be appreciated.
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