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Recently installed a Joying Android head unit and am having really bad noise through the SPDIF cable. Being a "digital" signal I always thought would be noise free, but am getting really bad static/popping noise with any music. Im guessing its being induced through its internal amp for processing and making its way out digitally. Could be a faulty head unit, but I really like it and before giving up and getting a new one Id like to try to get a better ground. I even tried the standard RCA connection, which does have terrible alternator whine and increases with engine rev. So this leads me to believe its a ground issue but who knows?

Unfortunately for my situation I have recently moved into the DC area, staying in Falls Church with family and working in Reston. All the while on my free time looking at new houses to live, so super busy. And I don't have any tools or very knowledgeable to do myself which is why Im looking for help!

Anyone in the area want to tackle my dilema? I don't even know what fair compensation would be, but would pay $100 for your time with problem solved.

Not sure time wise how we could manage as I dont have much free time, and would need my car to get to and from throw me some ideas?

Or know any good affordable shops in the area?

Shoot me a PM and I can give more info if needed.

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