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Finally got my system to a level where I'm extremely happy with it, except for one small problem. My iPhone doesn't stream in BT stereo any longer.

Some background. Current setup is a set of clarus C6 components, Zapco DC 1000.4 and a cache CEO6 for channel summing (and a sub). I've kept the OEM HU and all was working before the install this past Friday. Install was done by a custom shop here in Austin, the sound from the radio and cd player are working flawlessly. The iPhone, not so much.

I checked with the installer today, and he believes that there must be an option within the Sync system to turn on/off stereo for the bluetooth audio.I haven't yet been able to find a reference to this in the manual yet, so I checked with the Ford-Sync Tech support, and they said that it sounded like a car audio issue and that I should bring it into the dealership. Yep, that was going to be my next step, especially after that insightful response.Wonderful.

So I'm hoping someone here might have some real insight as to why this is happening. If so, I would appreciate your help. Has anyone else run into this issue with Sync? If need be I get back to the installer, I just don't want to waste his time reading my manual. For now I'll keep on combing thru it - but it is a poorly written piece of work, akin to what my dog might put out on a hot-humid day. Maybe a beer would help....or two maybe....
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