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Need help - install lcq1

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I just installed the lcq1 into my Accord Sport with a factory head unit and 4 channel amplifier. Only the driver side speakers (left front and rear) are working. As a test, if I connect the the rca plugs from front left on lcq1 to front right on amp, then the passenger side (right) speakers work. So, I know it's not the rca plugs or the speakers. I'm wondering if the right side channels of the lcq-1 are bad? Also, the remote out does not power on my amp (pad4000.4). Thoughts?

Is there a way to verify if it's defective with a multimeter? I tried testing the remote out by inserting a short piece of wire and checking if it read 12 volts. The value was jumping all over the place which leads me to believe it's defective....
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