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Well long story short, I own a 1990 Mazda Miata... Not a very big car by any means.. I ended up getting a deal on 2 Arc Audio Foose FD2100.. I was planning on running Componenets in the front and I plan on doing an 8 or 10 in shallow subwoofer wherever i can find to mount it. prob in the trunk as i'm not sure where in the cabin i can put it as i am not sure of the total size it will be in a box... My problem is this.. while the arc audio puts out 50 watts @ 4 ohms to my front components ( I hope thats enough) i am not at all to sure if the 190 Watts bridged @ 4 ohms will be enough to power a shallow sub that runs at 250 watts @ 4 ohms... anyone have any suggestions as i am on the virge of scrapping the project and going with one of these 2 amps

Soundstream STL2.350

Soundstream STL2.560 Amp: 2-Channel

So really does anyone think a 10in sub at 190 watts will be plenty enough for a miata with a hard top on? or should i go with the smaller amps, and get more power and save space... not sure where i'd off my old ones though lol\

Thanks for any info peeps :)
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