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Pdx f 4 amp powering type r components up front and coax in the back. I also have the alpine 149bt head unit.

I have no subs, so would I leave the amp crossover on full range? Or set up a high/low range with proper frequencies? What's really weird and frustrates me is I swear everytime I drive my car, the speakers are Playing differently than the night before..for instance, Thursday night I thought I finally had them adjusted how I wanted, volume got so loud and the bass hit like I had a sub..then today, they don't get nearly as loud and barely have bass. I didn't change any settings or anything..I did notice that the woofers are playing vocals and other things. Is this normal? I just want everything to sound real well and get loud.

One more thing, As I'm still not even sure. The
Crossover only has 2 outputs, does one go to tweeter and other to woofer, then woofer to amp? And what is the 5th male Prong with a weird rubber
Coating that is right by the positive and
Negatives on the woofer?
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