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I have a Audison Bit One. And would like to know the crossover settings for each PHD speaker... Anyone know if PHD supplies this information, or is there a standard starting range I can begin to play with?

Vehicle is a Dodge Ram Crew Cab.
* Tweeters are mounted in a pillar off access at 90 degrees.
* MB are mounted in dash firing upwards into glass.
* Woofers are mounted in factory doors at bottom near feet
* Subs are firing upwards under seats,

1. Tweeters: AF1.C TW (1.5Khz - 20Khz)
2. Mid: AF 4.1 (50Hz - 20Khz)
3. Woofers: FB 6.1 Pro 6 (45Hz - 20Khz)

Which Filter Model: Linkwitz or Butterworth?
Which speakers need invert phase selected?

1. Configurable Tweeter settings - Hi Pass
Hi Pass Hz = ??? Hz
Hi Pass Slope = 12,24,36,48

2. Configurable M/B Settings Set to Bandpasss
Lo Pass = ??? Hz
Hi Pass = ??? Hz
Lo Pass slope = 12,24,36,48

3. Configurable Woofer settings - Lo Pass
Lo Pass = ??? Hz
Lo Pass slope = 12,24,36,48

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Starting point.. Your ears will let you know..

Tweeter - 5000 / 24db - highpass

mid - 500 / 24db 5000 / 24db - bandpass

woof - 80 / 24db 500 / 24db - bandpass

sub - 80 / 24db (subsonic filter - 30Hz) - lowpass

Mids do the most work and where you will hear the most difference. My mids go from 450 - 6000 and tweets from there and I am still trying to get it nailed.. I just upgraded from the bitone, so 24db is a good start for slope.. I would also suggest 12db up at the mid-tweet level
Use butterworth filters..
As far as phase is concerned, you need to get a phase track.. look around for the autosound CDs on the site, One of the tracks lets you listen to a phase in/out voice, use that and your ears to figure out if the speaker is in or out of phase. One will sound "fuller" when the phase is correct. If your subs are inverted (basket out) then by default it is phase at 180.

Hope this helps, but as long as you stay in the range of speakers, play some music and start with the settings I listed and adjust up or down from there.. It's all about how you hear the music.. Once you get it dialed in to where it sounds good, then you will need to do T/A, phase then EQ..

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I asked the same question to Mike. His tweets and mids look pretty close to directly on axis.
The tweets are said to be best on axis.

"I am crossing the Fb around 125hz & the Af4.1 & Af1.c around 3500hz.

You can cross it anywhere between 2500-4000hz depending on placement and car. I put it in a lot of places and ending up close to the tweeter is where it sounded best."
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