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Hey y'all!
I'm brand new here and to forums in general, so ill try to make my question clear. I just got my first car and i'm a nut about sound quality so the first thing i did was take it to a few different car audio shops and get it kitted. I'm pretty knowledgeable when it comes to Home Audio, but honestly i'm out of my depth when it comes to car audio.

Currently I have a memphis 850.5 amp under the seat and an arc PSM DSP in the dash. Still running factory speakers.

So here's my question...
1. Currently the sound in my car is very muddled and distorted at moderate levels.

The only good speakers i've found that would fit in my 2012 Tiguan without a custom enclosure would be either the Morel Virtus nano 602 or the 603. With my processing power and car, which do you recommend and why?

2. And im also wondering if i should try a different shop because the owner told me that the DSP and amp would fix everything, but in reality hardly made a difference as far as SQ.

thanks in advance, can't wait to hear what you guys have to say.

FYI I dont think i really care about rear fill but would consider getting a nice sub like the IDMAX when funds allow.

Also i couldn't figure out how to make a poll.
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