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I have a Power Acoustik Razor Class D 2,500 watt amp, with 2 Memphis PR 12" 300/600 watt. I have the amp gain set on half, Sub Sonic on 35ghz, Bass Boost off, and Low Pass on 250ghz. I have the amp grounded to the frame and hooked to the ez jump positive cable under the hood. The box the subs is a 2.5'x1.5' with a 1" port, there is no separator in the box its just open. My question is, Should my amp get hot but not to hot that you can't hold it after 30-40min of use, and did I set my amp up right? I smell wires getting hot if I turn the bass boost all the way up on the amp, the reason I have it turned off on the amp, and just use my car radio bass boost, but does not sound as good as the amps boost. I'm new to this so I have no experience and would like some advise from people whom does this kind of stuff all the time. Please Help
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